Art and Dance Studio in North San Antonio in July is hosting a set of master classes led by Argenis Montalvo, first dancer of National Dance Company of Mexico.

A famed dancer and choreographer, Montalvo will be teaching an intensive three-day ballet master class July 20-22.

According to a news release, the classes are scheduled to take place between 12:30-3 p.m. each day and are open to the public for a $30 fee per person.

Art and Dance Studio officials said while the master classes are designed for the general public, each session will have content relevant for three groups of people: dance students, professional dancers and dance teachers.

The release said class participants will learn about pirouettes, turns, core conditioning, partnering skills and more.

Montalvo graduated from the Dallas-based Royale Ballet Dance Academy, part of London’s Royal Academy of Dance.

Montalvo later attended the Australian Ballet School and the Royal Academy of Dance.

Montalvo was also a finalist in Mexico’s national dance contest. In 2013, he entered the National Dance Company of Mexico where, two years later, he was promoted to first dancer.

Owned by Professional Dancer and Choreographer Luis Quetzalcóatl Becerra, Art and Dance Studio offers a range of dance classes for students of all ages and levels.

The dance styles include ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, yoga and pilates, studio officials said.

Art and Dance Studio officials said they are actively seeking to collaborate and partner with other academy dancers. Montalvo’s appearance marks Art and Dance Studio’s second international first dancer to personally offer training at San Antonio's North Side facility.