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According to unofficial results with all Comal County vote centers reporting, Courtney Biasatti is poised for re-election to the Comal ISD board of trustees for Single Member District 2. Newcomer Amy Shaw is poised to take the open Single Member District 3 seat on the board.

What you need to know

Incumbent Biasatti took 380 votes—or 76.46%—of the votes to challenger Josh Acut’s 117 votes.

Shaw took 303 votes—or 51.97% of the vote—to Amy Duncan’s 280 votes.

What they’re saying

Biasatti said there is a lot to contend with in the school district and she is ready to do so.

“I’m really excited for the next three years,” Biasatti said. "I look forward to what we can do going forward in Comal ISD."

Shaw said she is looking forward to working with the board and administration.

“I'm really excited to get started. It was very close, you know, less than four points. And I think Amy Duncan was a great candidate as well and I'm really looking forward to getting going and taking the challenges as they come.”

Posted 7:58 p.m.

Comal County has released early voting totals for elections related to two positions on the Comal ISD board of trustees.

What you need to know

Incumbent Courtney Biasatti took the lead in early votes May 4 over challenger Josh Acut, and Amy Shaw took the lead over Amy Duncan for Single Member District 2 and Single Member District 5 respectively.

According to unofficial early voting results, Biasatti and Shaw lead with 247 votes or 76.47%—and 196 votes—or 53.26%—respectively. Challenger Josh Acut has 76 votes and Amy Duncan has 172 votes.

Acut told Community Impact on April 20 that he was no longer actively campaigning.

“I am not withdrawing, just focusing any and all effort towards public education funding and not my campaign,” Acut said in an email. “I will still be on the ballot, voters will vote how they choose, but any communication from me will be solely geared towards raising awareness towards the need for Public Education funding.”

What else?

In early voting, there were 4,268 ballots cast countywide, which represents 2.93% of Comal County's 145,873 voters.

Totals from ballots cast May 1 have yet to be released. Polls closed at 7 p.m., although voters who were in line at 7 p.m. were still able to cast ballots.

What’s next?

Community Impact will update this article as more election day vote totals are released. All results are unofficial until canvassed.

Visit www.communityimpact.com/voter-guide/election-results to see results from all local elections in your community.