Plant Culture, a potting bar and shop revolving around indoor plants, is now open in New Braunfels.

The backstory

Una Alexander, owner of Plant Culture, was raised in a “plant-loving environment” by her mother, she said.

"I was born into the plant culture,” Alexander said. “My mother raised me with tons of houseplants.”

After running a business for 20 years, Alexander said she was looking for a new venture and her interest in plants consistently resurfaced.

The details

The shop offers a variety of products and services centered around indoor plants and plant care. Some items the shop sells include:
  • Indoor plants and succulents
  • Potting and planting equipment
  • Accessories such as aprons, bags, wind chimes and plant decor
  • Local artwork including watercolors, photography, jewelry, stained glass, pressed flowers and perfumes
The shop also has a potting bar, where customers can select plants and pots, use provided soils and additives, and pot their plants with guidance.

"Here you are using your creative juices, you're getting your hands in the dirt and it's therapeutic for you. It's relaxing," Alexander said.

Going forward

The store will offer workshops and host events focused on plant care and creative planting, with the hopes of making it a hub for learning and socializing, Alexander said.

Additionally, the shop will host weekly Saturday morning kids' planting sessions and social events like girls' night out and BYOB potting sessions, fostering a sense of community and shared interests, Alexander said.