Pink NB, New Braunfels' latest coffee spot, is now open, serving a selection of pink-themed drinks.

The details

Owners Cody and Morgan Gonzalez aim to differentiate themselves from other coffee spots in town by offering a unique and vibrant experience, they said.

"We just try to be different from everybody, stand out a little bit and be fun," Morgan Gonzalez said.

The choice of pink, Gonzalez said, is because it "stands out, it's eye catching and it's happy."

The menu consists of hot and iced coffee drinks, teas made with Red Bull, and breakfast items such as tacos, muffins and donuts, according to the menu. Some drink items from the menu include:
  • Legally Blondie, a white chocolate and caramel latte
  • Mean Girl, a layered caramel macchiato
  • The Drama, six shots of espresso with white chocolate, vanilla and cream
The drive through coffee shop offers a discount to healthcare workers, first responders and teachers, Gonzalez said. The grand opening will take place on May 4, Gonzalez said.