After over 10 years working in corporate restaurants, Austin Hanna decided he wanted to devote his knowledge to his own business venture and make a difference in the service industry.

Together, Hanna and his friends created a sports bar dedicated to serving the local community.

How it started

Double Schotts Sports Bar & Grill opened in Freiheit Village in March 2018. Hanna, Double Schotts’ owner, said the restaurant was founded on quality, product, customer service and atmosphere plus a desire to give back to the community.

“We want to be our local family owned bar that everybody comes to hang out to watch sports, have good meals, have a date night, forget about their life problems, forget about the politics and just enjoy their time right now,” Hanna said.

How it’s going

Giving back to the community is a high priority to the Double Schotts team. Today, that team consists of Hanna; his partner, Jonathan Schott; executive assistant, Jordan Stanley; marketing director, Kristen England; director of operations, Marco Munguia; store manager, Ashlyn Fox; and culinary director, Isaiah Sides. Hanna said they’ve shown their dedication to locals through donations and support for youth sports programs, churches and schools.

Hanna said he supports the local economy by sponsoring events, meeting with other local entrepreneurs and hiring the next generation of young service industry employees.

Community is everything to Double Schotts, Hanna said.

“At the end of the day, with everything that's going on in the world, we need to be able to rely on our community, maybe rely on our neighbors, our peers, our friends, our coworkers; and I believe New Braunfels is very big on that.”

What’s on the menu

Double Schotts’ menu includes traditional bar foods like fried pickles and nachos plus diverse selections from burgers and wings to Cajun chicken pasta and South Texas egg rolls—an appetizer Hanna said is a best seller.

Everything on the menu is homemade, and “nothing is out of a bag,” Hanna said.

The drink menu also includes an extensive selection of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails.

What's next

Eventually, Hanna would like to take Double Schotts to other communities in Central Texas. He said the big goal is to go nationwide, but they must ensure the original restaurant is performing well.

“We want to take what we've created here and put it in different communities, but with the same identity and the same culture,” Hanna said. “So anywhere we go, we're impacting that community just like we're impacting New Braunfels.”