Georgetown officials continue to plan for the future with a drafted plan of how city land might be used moving forward.

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element is the launching point for other comprehensive plan elements---parks, transportation, and more---and serves as a key input in the city’s master planning for utilities, Planning Director Sofia Nelson said to City Council members at an Oct. 22 workshop.

The 2008 Future Land Use Plan is factored into land-use changes reflected in the new 2030 draft. Other factors include existing development patterns, existing land use, current zoning, public input, retail recruitment, target industries, and growth scenarios and fiscal impact, according to Nelson.

This is the drafted 2030 land-use map:

See this key for details on the different land use categories:

The purpose of the presentation was to provide an overview and then allow council members time to digest, review and ask for additional information if necessary, Nelson said. A second presentation on the land-use element will take place at the Nov. 12 City Council workshop and will include the financial analysis of different mapping scenarios.


Oct. 30: public meeting to review draft future land-use map and land-use policies
Nov. 7: steering committee first presentation on implementation
Nov. 12: City Council workshop on land-use element (second of two)
Nov. 21: steering committee second presentation on implementation
Dec. 10: City Council workshop on implementation (first of two)
Jan. 14: City Council workshop on implementation (second of two)

January-February 2020
–public outreach on 2030 plan update draft
–planning and zoning commission public hearing to consider recommendation of 2030 plan update
–City Council public hearings to consider adoption of 2030 plan update