It was announced Sept. 26 that Colleyville Chamber of Commerce President Carolyn Sims plans to transition out of her role, and the chamber's board of directors will begin to seek her successor.

The board of directors selected Sims as chamber president nearly two years ago as part of its strategic plan for growth. Sims agreed to help build and improve the chamber but stated she would only be a transitional president, staying on for two to three years, according to the Sept. 26 chamber announcement.

"After what seems like a very short two years, Carolyn has indicated that she would like to begin the process of selecting her successor," the announcement said. "In her unique and graceful style, she has been very gracious in facilitating a smooth transition and has committed to stay throughout that process."

A committee of the board has been formed to find a suitable replacement.

"Of course we’d love it if she would stay but we are so grateful to her for her transformational presidency," Kay Allen, chair of the board of directors, said in an email. "She has been the 'right' person at the 'right' time for the Colleyville Chamber. She has created so much good will with our community partners and will continue that for the foreseeable future."

The chamber has grown in members and participation within two years, Sims said.

"It is amazing to see the energy level in the members, the businesses, the city, the school district [and]
the partnerships that are out there. ... We have just a really great thing happening," Sims said.

The process to find someone to take over the role could be a lengthy one, but now is the time to begin looking for a candidate who can maintain this momentum and take the chamber even further, she said.

"[I told the board:] We're in a great spot, and if we're going to find someone, let's go find them now and bring them in because they're going to come into something good," Sims said.