Rezoning for patio homes, townhomes, multifamily units and retail was approved for The Grove Frisco development by the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission.

The commission unanimously approved the rezoning at a Sept. 24 meeting for the development along the corner of Custer Road and Main Street. Around 154 acres went from single-family and multifamily zoning to three separate planned developments in patio/townhome, multifamily and retail zonings.

The proposal requested a maximum of 130 55-foot patio home lots, 250 40-foot patio home lots, 135 townhome lots and 425 multifamily units. A combination of retail uses at the northwest corner of Custer and Main was requested as well.

The proposal resulted in an approximate 22% reduction in multifamily entitlement, commission Chair Robert Cox said at the meeting. 

"I think that's important for our citizens to understand," he said at the meeting. 

Commissioners Brittany Colberg and Bryan Morgan echoed support for the reduction in multifamily entitlement.

There was also an approximate 23% increase in single-family and an approximate 40% decrease in retail. Cox said the retail decrease ultimately made the most sense. 

"One of the reasons why they had a road plan development was because the retail zoned was not advantageous for the lot size," Cox said. "It would have been a lot of wasted space, in my opinion." 

The development will also require a minimum of almost 12% in open space. This will result in green spaces and walkable areas, which Brian Adams, the development's master planner for Kimley-Horn, said will be beneficial for the surrounding communities. 

"The community's really going to be interconnected," Adams said at the meeting. "No home is more than 500 feet from an open space element."