The city of Grapevine is getting ready to renovate its animal shelter and will have to find a temporary home for its animals during construction.

Grapevine voters approved a city bond in 2017 to renovate and expand the city animal shelter. Construction is set to begin this fall.

To assist with the construction, Grapevine City Council approved a contract Aug. 6 with the city of Coppell to temporarily house Grapevine’s animals. The partnership is expected to help shorten the construction time for renovating the Grapevine Animal Shelter, according to meeting documents.

The Grapevine Police Department, which manages the Animal Shelter, will ensure all the animals are transported to Coppell. Grapevine Police Chief Mike Hamlin expressed confidence in Coppell’s ability to house the additional animals.

“Two years ago, we assisted Coppell with a similar project,” he said at the meeting. “The animals they brought to be housed [were] extremely minimal.”

Through the agreement, Coppell will shelter animals during the construction term for the Grapevine Animal Shelter. Its shelter will accept and return stray domestic animals, house dangerous dogs and determine the disposition of impounded animals. Coppell will also complete monthly reporting and other services.

A Grapevine Animal Services employee will work full-time with Coppell Animal Services and will be responsible for the transportation of Grapevine animals to the Coppell animal shelter, according to meeting documents. The employee will also oversee software for animal management and costs associated with animal care and treatment.

The city of Coppell will collect and retain any fees that come with animal services.

Should the Coppell shelter reach capacity, there are methods other than euthanizing animals that the shelter will implement.

“Animal population at the shelter is managed daily, not solely if they reach capacity,” Amanda McNew, media manager for the Grapevine Police Department, said in an email. “Options other than adoption are available if the shelter nears capacity, including transferring animals to another shelter, reaching out to foster groups and bringing in additional kennels to temporarily house animals until a new location is found.”

Construction on the Grapevine Animal Shelter is anticipated to last about 20 months.

“Future pet owners will need to drive to Coppell to adopt an animal while our shelter is closed,” McNew said in her email.