The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is implementing new drop-off and pickup rules due to an abundance of traffic at airport terminals.

The new rule changes the curbside areas at all five terminals to strictly active loading and unloading zones. Previously, drivers could idle in their cars as they waited to pickup passengers, but that will no longer be allowed as of July 18.

Drivers will now be encouraged to use the terminal parking garages, for no extra cost, when picking up or dropping off passengers.

This rule change comes as part of a comprehensive program the airport has designed to improve the flow of traffic and enhance safety and security for customers, employees and business partners, according to a DFW press statement.

"There are more vehicles than ever at the airport, and we want to keep traffic moving while providing safer access to our terminals," said Sean Donohue, CEO of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, in the statement. "These necessary changes will improve the overall customer experience as it relates to traffic flow, efficiencies and ease of navigation."

As part of the initiative, the airport has also added approximately 1,200 new one-hour parking spaces.

Starting in July, signing indicating the new policy will be posted at the terminal curbside, designating the areas for active loading and unloading only, and the DFW Department of Public Safety and Parking teams will be informing customers of the change by directing parked or standing vehicles to nearby terminal garages with the free parking zones.

Full enforcement of this enforcement of active loading and unloading zones will begin Sept. 8.