Pflugerville ISD campuses receive $8,500 in grants

Pflugerville ISD campuses and educators received more than $8,500 in grants Friday from the Pflugerville Education Foundation.

The grants ranged from $1,019 to nearly $2,000 each and were given to newly hired Pflugerville ISD educators for innovative programs that support higher levels of student learning, the Pflugerville Education Foundation said in a release.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to brighten a new teacher’s day and let them all know we think their ideas are spectacular,” said foundation board member Eric Bowles in the release. “To see the smiles and feel the energy of the students and teachers as we surprised them is truly priceless. The best part is knowing that children in Pflugerville will benefit not only from the funding, but from all the hard work their teachers are doing.”

The following grants were awarded Friday:

  • Pflugerville Middle School: Sha-Kera Nellor received $1,019 to fund a slab roller for ceramics projects.

  • Park Crest Middle School: Aaron Muller received $1,930 to fund tanks to help students explore and manipulate various items to determine both conceptual and computational density.

  • Weiss High School: Kyra Bauer received $1,943 to fund standing desks for students to use during 90-minute classes.

  • Dearing Elementary School: Shanna Hollingsworth received $1,995 for elementary learning games and puzzles.

  • Hendrickson High School: Jerel Fast received $1,644 for science tools.