Oak Ridge North City Council approves resolution opposing HB 15

Oak Ridge North council members approved a resolution Monday night opposing House Bill 15, which deals with ad valorem taxation, caps local revenues and interferes with city services, according to city officials. Legislators filed the bill this session, along with its companion Senate Bill 2, with the goal of bringing widespread property tax relief to residents across the state.

"We are all for property tax reform," City Manager Vicky Rudy said. "[The problem] is what happens when you try to legislate that at the state level without awareness of the vast differences from one community to another in terms of property tax and the situation on the ground. It's impossible to make a state law like this and have it not hurt some communities."

Mayor Jim Kuykendall echoed Rudy's concerns.

"I'm tired of small cities being left out," he said. "Our senator, Brandon Creighton, is the guy that is pushing this bill. Big cities can make a lot of money by raising the taxes like that. Small cities can not do this."

Earlier this month, the council also approved a similar resolution against Senate Bill 2.