Finding a new superintendent top issue in 2017 for Pflugerville ISD

Big decisions made in 2016

  • Future schools named
    The school district’s fourth high school was named Weiss High School, and the 21st elementary school has been named Vernagene Mott Elementary School.

  • Superintendent resigns
    Superintendent Alex Torrez will resign when his contract ends in September. The board placed Torrez on administrative leave and named Gary Patterson as interim superintendent.

  • District gets top honors
    PfISD received back-to-back AP District Honor Roll distinctions, announced in December. Only 22 districts in Texas received the honor.

Top issues for 2017

  • Boundary changes
    On Jan. 19 the district approved changes to attendance boundaries at several schools in PfISD. The changes are needed to populate the new schools in the district.

  • New superintendent
    A decision will be made on the status of Torrez, who was placed on administrative leave by the PfISD board of trustees in December.

  • Improvement goals
    The district plans to continue implementation of the goals set after the October approval of the District Improvement Plan.

A question for Pflugerville ISD

Q: What was a national highlight for Pflugerville ISD this year?
A: The Hendrickson High School Marching Band represented the state of Texas at the 90th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. More than 3.5 million people line the parade route, and another 50 million watch the parade broadcast.