The ambience at All About Cha is so relaxing and welcoming that both newcomers and regulars will want to come back again and again, Assistant Manager May Murillo said.

When Murillo came into the restaurant for the first time as a customer, she said she liked it so much that she applied for a job there, making it her second job. Shortly after starting, she decided to make it her primary job.

The Southlake restaurant, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in September, features a large list of tea options as well as coffee and menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The restaurant opens for breakfast Monday through Saturday at 8 a.m. Options for breakfast range from the breakfast quiche ($7.25) and the fresh fruit crepes ($5.25) to the bulgogee breakfast wrap ($9.95). A different bulgogee wrap ($9.95) is available for lunch or dinner as well.

Bulgogee is shaved beef, sliced carrots and onions. It is served in a cheddar-jalapeno wrap.

Lim “Julie” Juhyun, the restaurant’s manager and daughter of owner Heejung Kim, said when customers branch out and try some of the unfamiliar menu items, they often fall in love with them.

“Some people feel afraid, and say ‘This is new. Is it OK? Is it not spicy?’” Juhyun said. “But they try them, and next time [they say], ‘This is my favorite.’”

All About Cha also offers a few sushi rolls for its diners. Juhyun said the All About Shrimp sushi roll ($10.95) is one of the most popular sushi items.

Other lunch and dinner items include the orange chicken salad ($10.99), Dak-Gal-Bee wrap ($9.95) and the chicken avocado croissant ($8.95).

There are four categories of tea the eatery offers: World Special, Korea Special, green tea and black tea. Some of the selections from the World Special and Korea Special options, such as the jasmine tea, are steeped at the table with flowers in a glass teapot.

Training for how to make all of the drinks often takes about three months for most employees, Murillo said.

“We have so many drinks, and a lot of them are really particular about the way that they’re made,” Murillo said.

Murillo said the staff is always willing to help guests find something that matches their taste.

Ultimately, Juhyun said she wants to see a smile on her customers’ faces because she said that is her favorite part of managing All About Cha.

250 Randol Mill Ave., Ste. 140, Southlake
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 8 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 8 a.m.-midnight, closed Sun.