State House District 33 candidates give top 3 priorities

The candidates for the Texas House District 33 seat submitted to Community Impact Newspaper their top three priorities if elected to office. Here is what the candidates would like to focus on:

Justin Holland, Republican

Top three priorities:

Justin Holland Justin Holland[/caption]

  • “Improvement of public education quality is the top priority, including vast complexities such as adequate funding methods, academic accountability standards, 'high-stakes' testing and Gov. Greg Abbott's pre-K expansion plan."

  • "Texas must take border security seriously. Washington fails to enforce basic immigration laws. [Texas Department of Public Safety] funding, combating drugs and trafficking and threats of terrorist activity [are] all concerns of mine."

  • "Job creation and promoting entrepreneurship are all vital to a free-market economy. Texas must remain ahead of the curve on unemployment and continue to rise in the world GDP rankings."

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Karen Jacobs, Democrat

Top three priorities:

Karen Jacobs Karen Jacobs[/caption]

  • "Increase funding for our fast-growing school districts by fixing our broken, out-of-date, 25-year-old school finance system; make labor and transportation costs reflect reality."

  • "Reduce homeowners’ property tax burden by closing corporate loopholes so that everyone pays their fair share for the future of Texas."

  • "Reduce college tuition and student debt by investing more in our state universities, reducing administrative and student service costs, and promoting community colleges as a gateway to four-year universities."

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Rick Donaldson, Libertarian

Rick Donaldson did not respond by press time.