Williamson County began construction in August on the second phase of a $3.6 million drainage project to provide flood relief to residents in Forest North neighborhood of Northwest Austin.

For decades, residents have been affected by drainage issues, Precinct 1 Commissioner Lisa Birkman said.

“There are a lot of problems because the neighborhood was built in the ’70s and there were no rules or regulations about how to provide drainage, so the drainage is very poor,” Birkman said.

The county is adding culverts, storm drains and drainage ditches to prevent localized flooding. Work will be completed in phases and is expected to wrap up in spring 2018. Phase 1 construction was completed in July in the area closest to RM 620. Phase 2 focuses on addresses areas near Meadowheath Drive. Phase 3 near Anderson Mill Road will be completed at a later date.

Funding for engineering and construction of the project is from the county’s 2006 and 2013 bond programs as well as property tax revenue for the Road and Bridge Department.

“It’s a substantial investment of millions of dollars into one neighborhood,” Birkman said.