Crave Popcorn Co.

Crave Popcorn Co. The Davis family owns Crave Popcorn Co.[/caption]

2015 was a savory year for Crave Popcorn Co., as the family owned- and-operated business announced the addition of a new ingredient: flavored chocolate.

Aside from the traditional butter and caramel-flavored home-popped popcorn, Crave makes pomegranate chocolate, raspberry chocolate and Chilean chocolate-flavored popcorn. Other new flavors include horchata, curry and Sriracha flavors, said Blake Davis, who owns Crave Popcorn Co. with his wife, Carol.

The popcorn and gift shop opened two years ago on Valentine’s Day and now ships orders across the U.S. The Davis family may add two more locations in Plano and/or in Collin County in 2016.