City to sell more bonds in 2016

City to sell more bonds in 2016

This summer the city of Frisco plans to sell more bonds that were approved by voters in 2015.

The bonds, which will be up for sale in June, include $22 million for road construction, $32 million for an expansion of City Hall and $8 million for the fire department.

The City Hall expansion project will add about 150,000 square feet to allow for more offices and basement space.

The project also includes adding a court facility and adding more room for the public library within City Hall.

Last year voters approved eight bond propositions totaling $267.83 million, making it the largest bond election in Frisco’s history.

Each approved bond proposition will go toward capital projects.

A majority of the approved bonds—$125 million—has been designated for road projects.

Several bonds were sold last summer that paid for design work for some of the capital projects, including the design for the City Hall expansion, Assistant City Manager Nell Lange said.

Lange said construction on some bond projects will not begin until 2017.

“These are two- and three-year projects,” she said. “They don’t happen overnight… The design sometimes takes a year, and the design on [City Hall] will probably take 18 months.”

City staff will make a presentation to City Council during the winter work session to let council know the status of the current projects and which bond sales are planned for this summer.

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