60x30TX plan aims to increase college completion rates in Texas

60x30TX plan aims to increase college completion rates in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks to stakeholders and media about the 60x30TX plan.[/caption]

Gov. Greg Abbott and state higher education officials visited the Collin College Higher Education Center on Nov. 16 to present the new 60x30TX plan.

The plan aims to have at least 60 percent of Texans ages 25-34 obtain a college certificate or degree by 2030.

The plan was made in response to Texas’ need to meet the workforce demands, Abbott said.

“It is clear to everyone in this room today that even though we have a top-quality workforce, we don’t have enough of that workforce to meet the job growth needs that we have in this state,” he said.

Besides the overarching goal, the plan outlines three main goals: helping students complete college, having students develop marketable skills and reducing student debt. The plan lays out interim benchmarks for Texas colleges and universities to meet in order to achieve the four goals. One of the benchmarks includes increasing the percentage of Texans ages 25-34 who have a certificate or degree.

One of the challenges the plan outlines is meeting the needs of minority and economically disadvantaged students, who are less likely to complete a college degree or certificate.

Raymund Paredes, Texas commissioner of higher education, said there are several ways to help reduce the cost of college, including lowering the number of required credit hours to complete a degree program.