UPDATED at 9:45 p.m. May 9, 2015

Unofficial final vote tallies show Frisco voters supported the passage of all eight city bond propositions on the ballot totaling $267.825 million. Each bond proposition is voted on separately.

Unofficial voting totals are:

Proposition No. 1—Public safety, $41.5 million

Passed 4,255 votes to 717 votes

Proposition No. 2—Street and road improvements, $125 million

Passed 4,300 to 660 votes

Proposition No. 3—Fleet center expansion, $3.325 million

Passed 3,420 votes to 1,438 votes

Proposition No. 4—City Hall expansion, $37 million

Passed 3,237 votes to 1,648 votes

Proposition No. 5—New senior center, $9 million

Passed 3,560 votes to 1,373 votes

Proposition No. 6—Parks and Recreation Department needs, $32 million

Passed 3,813 votes to 1,132 votes

Proposition No. 7—Grand Park, $10 million

Passed 3,638 votes to 1,288 votes

Proposition No. 8—Performing arts facility, $10 million

Passed 2,870 votes to 12,075 votes

Frisco residents formed two political action committees in advance of the bond election.

One, Citizens Supporting Frisco’s Future, involves many of the Citizen Bond Committee members and promoted passage of all eight bonds. www.friscobonds.com

The other PAC, Citizen Input PAC, is in favor of all but the $10 million in bond funds for the performing arts facility. www.citizeninputpac.com

The city’s current tax rate is 46 cents per $100 of property value. If voters approve the entire bond package, the city of Frisco’s finance department estimates at maximum the tax rate would not exceed 49.726 cents per $100 of property value and could remain lower.

For example, based on a $300,000 home with a current city tax bill of $1,380, if the entire bond package passed, the tax bill could increase as much as $112 by the end of the five years for a total tax bill of $1,492.

In the previous city bond election in 2006 voters overwhelmingly passed 12 bond package items worth a total of $198 million. Of those funds, $22.5 million in authorized bond funds remain.