Stuffed Cajun Meat Market

Photo by Lyndsey Taylor
Throughout the past year, Stuffed Cajun Meat Market & Specialty Foods has expanded its menu to offer additional Louisiana flavors.

Co-owners Tim Garrett and Kurt and Casey Knies opened the business in 2010 and offer dine-in Cajun foods for lunch and dinner. The store also carries about 50 to 60 specialty grocery items and take-home dishes, including stuffed chickens and turkeys.

The expanded menu, Kurt said, has more sausage dishes that include meats such as gator, chicken and crawfish boudin. A house specialty item is the Louisiana Lightning, which is a hot pork sausage.

"We're still doing all of the po'boys, but we've added seafood baskets where you get hush puppies and a roll. [It's] more of a full encompassing dinner as opposed to an a la carte experience that we were [before]," Kurt said.

Diners have a choice of oyster, shrimp, crawfish or catfish in the seafood baskets, which also come with french fries, a roll and hush puppies.

The restaurant now serves appetizers, and Kurt said some of the customer favorites include Cajun fried pickles and boudin balls, which are deep-fried and made with pork, vegetables, rice and sausage.