The city of Frisco is looking for community input for the Frisco Comprehensive Plan at its Future of Frisco Community Workshop, set for 9 a.m.–3 p.m. May 17 at the Senior Center, 6670 Moore St.

The workshop is not a come and go event. Instead it will be broken into a morning and afternoon session geared toward seeking dialogue and feedback. The workshop will include graphic displays, presentations and summary handouts.

Residents can register to go to one or both sessions.

The morning session includes:

Create Your Future of Frisco—residents will map out where new growth should go and list priorities for investment and development choices.

Priorities for Frisco's Future—residents will use keypad polling to determine the appropriateness and applicability of the preliminary analysis and conclusions.

The afternoon session includes:

Livable Frisco—residents will focus on particular features that make Frisco unique and livable.

Desirable Designs—Residents will give opinions about design choices for new development and revitalization through keypad polling.

Available at both sessions include:

Draw It Here— Residents use flip chart pads, construction paper and colored markers for drawing or sketching images of places to visit in "future" Frisco.

Video Vision—Residents can do videotaped interviews about their vision for Frisco.

Register online at, or contact city staff at [email protected] or 972-292-5357 for more information.