New technology drives success of company

Tom and Tami Church knew what they were getting into when the married couple decided to start TLC Electrical in February 2003. The Churches had worked together before, plus the pair had plenty of experience working in the construction business. Tom had to make a change because his partner in his construction business was retiring.

"In the 25 years we've been together, we've worked together for 19 of them," Tami said. "I was glad to get a chance to work with him again."

And Tami was counting on Tom's special skills.

"Tom has always been able to fix and build anything," she said. "He is one of a dying breed. He just has the ability to handle any building problems. He fixes things."

The Churches' decision appears to be a good one. TLC Electrical has grown from Tom and his lone truck into a fleet of 12 service vehicles. In its 11 years the business has handled more than 23,000 service calls. The couple said the key to the company's success is doing such a good job for the customer that a relationship is formed.

"Eighty percent of our business is repeat customers," Tami said.

"Our customer is anybody who has electricity," Tom said. "We can install something small like a switch or a light fixture, make a repair, rewire your entire house or install the latest technology."

The TLC doesn't stand for "tender loving care" but for the couple's initials, which are the same. Tender loving care could describe the Churches' business philosophy, however.

"One of the things we do that sets us apart, we pitch a tent," Tami said. "We are there to take care of the customer and that one customer only. You have an electrician as long as you need him. Our technician doesn't even know what his next call is going to be. He's not rushing off anywhere. We go slow."

TLC Electrical team members take a three-step approach to their customers, Tami said.

"They listen to see how to best handle the original request, and they work on that until it is solved," she said. "Then we see if there is any other thing else they need to address. Then we work on their wish list."

The business has been a family affair, with the Churches' four daughters helping out however they could. Tami's and Tom's offices are just 19 steps apart.

Tami handles the marketing, the scheduling and call center, and anything that involves the company image. Tom's areas of responsibility include not only keeping up with new technology, but also making sure his electricians and customers are up on it also. In addition he is in charge of the service manager and the service center.

Tom said new technology is currently driving the success of TLC Electrical and will do so in the future. Customers will get one bank of new LED lights somewhere in their house and will ultimately want more, he said. Almost anything is possible, from new lights that pay for themselves through energy savings to being able to run home electricity remotely from a smartphone.

"The LED world is changing so fast: better energy, better savings, more fun," Tom said.

Be a VIP

TLC Electrical offers a VIP plan to its customers.

Save up to 20 percent on troubleshooting, repairs and installations.

Pay a discounted service fee of $49 for all service calls, including emergency calls.

Receive preferential scheduling for service work and emergency repairs.

Never pay after-hours emergency fee for electrical emergencies that happen in the middle of the night.

VIP pricing is frozen for the duration of the plan, guarding against price increases in service, repair and installation costs during the period of the VIP plan.

VIP service covers all properties owned in the service area.

TLC Electrical

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Hours: 24/7 emergency service including weekends and holidays with live operators. Office is open 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday.