The city of Tomball voters passed all 34 proposed amendments to the city's Home-Rule Charter in the election held May 10.

The amendments to the charter contained a number of language changes and removal of antiquated and obsolete requirements, Tomball City Manager George Shackelford said.

"The changes to the charter are mostly just clean up changes," Shackelford said. "The city formed a committee for the purpose of cleaning up the charter and bringing it up to date."

The proposed amendments to the charter were recommended by the charter commission and approved by City Council, he said.

Lori Klein Quinn, who ran unopposed to fill the seat of retiring council member Preston Dodson, was elected to a three-year term. F.S. "Field" Hudgens also ran unopposed and was re-elected to his position on City Council for another three-years.

Tomball City Council members serve three-year terms with no term limits and are paid $100 per meeting.