A 10-year-old Bedford resident came before the Colleyville City Council in its May 6 meeting to ask for a handicap-accessible swing at Sparger Park to benefit her neighbor and best friend, a handicapped Colleyville resident.

Alexandria Willard spoke on behalf of her 15-year-old friend, who she said loves to swing but has to visit Grapevine for the nearest handicap-accessible park. Willard requested the council consider installing a swing for children with disabilities that would adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

Willard included all of the city's parks in her request but honed in on Sparger Park, at 4301 Bedford Road, which she said is within walking distance of her friend's home.

"This would benefit a lot of children in the area," Willard said. "All children should get the joy of playing at a park, it doesn't matter if they're disabled or not. We should pull together as a community and make sure that everyone can enjoy the parks around them."

City Manager Jennifer Fadden said the council received Willard's letter a week prior to the meeting and looked into the costs and efforts involved with adding a handicap-accessible swing to Sparger Park.

Following the meeting, Fadden said she met with Willard and told her the city will move forward with the purchase of the swing and hopes to have it installed in Sparger Park by the end of the month.

Fadden said she will invite Willard, her friend and family to the park for when the swing is officially installed.

Fadden also said the city will look into ensuring that all Colleyville residents have access to each of the city parks in the future.