In it's May 6 pre-council meeting, Colleyville council members discussed the possibility of regulating the sale of electronic cigarettes within the city. At this time, Colleyville's land development codes do not allow vapor stores to be located in the city.

"We have actually denied several certificates of occupancy in the last year and a half where people wanted to locate a store here," Community Development Director Ron Ruthven said. "With that said, any store that has tobacco can sell e-cigarettes as an accessory item. Those sales are not restricted in the city at this time."

The battery-powered device simulates tobacco smoking by producing a vapor that resembles smoke.

Ruthven said while there are no federal restrictions on who can buy electronic cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration is still reviewing legislation that would restrict sale to minors. He said Texas legislature will likely review restrictions as well.

Ruthven said there is a nationwide trend of cities adopting their own regulations and that Grapevine and Bedford are the only neighboring cities to Colleyville that have enacted any kind of legislation.

In March, Grapevine City Council approved legislation that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes from city parks and park facilities.

"Just being able to control the access to minors is my biggest concern," Police Chief Michael Holder said. "I think we're talking about months rather than years before there's state and federal legislation."

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Taylor said, "The antennas go up, we start collecting data, and we'll come back at a future point."