Frisco Chamber sets 2014 Legislative Agenda

In its 2014 Legislative Agenda, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is showing support for fair business taxes, solutions to the current healthcare environment as well as infrastructure for transportation and water.

"Our Frisco Chamber Board of Directors is appreciative of the work and collaborative efforts with members, the GAC and staff to ensure that our elected officials will understand the concerns and priorities of the Frisco business community," said Herman Hill, Chairman of the Frisco Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee. "The legislative priorities will give us the platform to maximize effective advocacy and support our business community interests and continue the successful record growth of our local economy."

The 1,000-member chamber represents more than 75,000 employees.

Business taxes

The chamber advocates for fair business taxes and tax incentives to encourage the growth of small, medium and large business growth, which stimulates hiring and increases revenue to help boost economic development.

"The chamber's goal is to inform and educate membership about the business tax implications and communicate the opinions, objections and importance to the policy makers," the agenda reads.


By supporting market-driven solutions to the U.S. healthcare environment, the chamber will inform and promote solutions that decrease cost and increase availability of healthcare coverage for the Frisco business community.


The chamber supports transportation infrastructure to improve future economic growth. The chamber's position includes supporting adequate funding mechanisms to meet demand and projected growth.

"Deteriorating roads, bridges and worsening congestions have raised the price of doing

business through increased maintenance costs, wasted fuel and delayed shipments. Local, state and federal investment in transportation infrastructure plays an essential role in protecting

public safety and promoting commerce," the agenda reads.


The chamber is supporting policies that will increase water availability in Frisco and throughout the region to spur both economic development and growth.

"A clean, affordable and abundant water supply and healthy infrastructure are necessary for the city of Frisco and its surrounding neighbors' continued growth and expansion," the agenda reads.