Frisco Council talks possible future ban on e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and liquid tobacco are legal to sell to a person of any age, and can be smoked anywhere in Frisco, but that could change.

Frisco City Council members on Jan. 7 opened discussion on the issue, brought to them by the Frisco Police Department.

The consensus from council members was to begin work to ban the selling of e-cigarettes to minors, but to do more research into the potential harm before decisions are made about where they are smoked.

Currently, no state or federal laws regulate the sale or usage of e-cigs.

Several councilmen talked about personal experiences with their children around people smoking e-cigarettes. While it may or may not be a health issue, council members said they have no desire to see any type of cigarettes become popular again.

"Even if it's safe, the culture of smoking has changed," Councilman John Keating said. "It's not something I want to have to [go] back toward."

Councilman Will Sowell said banning the sale of e-cigs to minors is something the council has the responsibility to do.

"E-cigs attract minors and provide a coolness factor that cigarettes don't," he said.

No final decision was made, but the council directed police department officials to move forward with the issue by bringing back more information at a later meeting.