Frisco welcomes Dallas Cowboys

Frisco welcomed the Dallas Cowboys to the city Tuesday morning during a press conference at the northwest corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Warren Parkway.

Development is projected to be underway within the next year for the area, which includes the future site of the Cowboy's corporate headquarters, an indoor stadium/event facility the team will use as their practice facility and eventually retail, restaurants and housing.

The $115 million headquarters and stadium are to be funded by the city of Frisco and Frisco ISD. The stadium will be leased to the Cowboys while Frisco ISD and the city will have the use of the stadium for sports and other events.

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys' owner and general manager, told the crowd his management team and family has figured out how to take the visibility, passion and tradition of sport and use it to "help individuals, people young and old, that can't run with the ball themselves."

He said whether misplaced or not, sports do carry a "huge interest in a huge way," and that its popularity can be used to do "a lot of great things."

"The thing that impresses me the most about Frisco is its leadership and its direction toward making youth know that it can happen to them, too," he said. "From the most talented to the least talented, they see [the advantages of] participation in sport, participation with good coaching, participation with respect and recognition.

"We can take the Dallas Cowboys, and we can have a 10-year-old that walked out to the stadium that might normally in this country have been a high school football field, or a junior high football field," he added. "If somehow he can see DeMarcus Ware, or he sees Tony Romo, walking across the end zone, then he knows it can happen to him, too. That builds confidence."

He said the Dallas Cowboys will "spare no rod" in being a part of Frisco and its commitment to youth and sports.

"That's what the Cowboys do," Jones said.

Frisco ISD Superintendent Jeremy Lyon said the district has a philosophy of building small schools with one goal in mind—providing opportunities for students to be successful. Partnerships, he said, have been a big part of achieving that goal.

"As a growing school district, we were in need of a new stadium, and this opportunity came along thanks to our partners with the city of Frisco and the economic development corporation. Lo and behold, in front of us is the opportunity for our students in Frisco ISD to be a part of something truly magnificent," Lyon said. "To enjoy marching band competitions and convocations and football games and soccer games in a world class, state-of-the-art facility bar none—it is extraordinary."

Lyon said he has been asked what kind of partners the Cowboys will be. He said he looked only as far as the team's history of supporting Texas athletics and extracurricular activities.

"We are very proud to join them and delighted they are here," Lyon said.

Frisco Mayor Maher Maso said while much has been said about Frisco in relation to the Cowboys' move, the decision is also a boost for the region and state.

"If you look around Frisco, it was almost built over night," Maso said. "You see gorgeous buildings, whether it's City Hall, or Dr Pepper Arena or FC Dallas—all these facilities are beautiful buildings. I think you can agree we've done well, but it's never, never, about the buildings. It's always about the quality organizations and the people in it. And we have the No. 1 sports franchise in the world located in Frisco, Texas."