Funding allows for detention basin improvements to minimize flooding

Areas undergoing increased development often see an increase in flooding issues. With an average of 40 inches of rain each year, Cy–Fair's watersheds and detention basins are undergoing several improvements this year.

The Harris County Flood Control District and its partners have spearheaded the implementation and continued development of flood mitigation efforts in response to the continued build-out of residential communities, the upcoming Grand Parkway and new business parks and mixed-use developments. More than $20 million has been proposed for flood control projects in 2012–13 as part of the district's capital improvement plan.

"The purpose of the detention pond is to trap water as it moves to help minimize flooding," Precinct 3 parks superintendent Steve Dorman said. "We have not solved the flooding problem in Houston, but we have addressed it quite effectively through these detention basins."

For more information, the HCFCD, American Red Cross and FEMA have several online resources to help residents.