Concordia University Texas raises funds to build wells in Africa

Concordia University Texas announced April 3 that its students, staff and faculty at its main Austin campus raised more than $5,000 to build a well in Africa, which will provide clean and safe water to to about 250 people during the next 10 years.

The well is the first of three for which Concordia plans to raise funds in Africa as part of its 3 Well Campaign. The college partnered with Water to Thrive, an Austin-based nonprofit that focuses on providing clean and safe water in rural Africa. Water to Thrive facilitates the building of the wells.

"By providing clean drinking water in a community, we are improving health, making daily tasks more convenient and decreasing barriers to education," said Katie Prince, the student Service-Learning leader at Concordia, in a news release. "On average, a child in rural Africa spends five hours a day collecting water. With our help, a child could spend those five hours in a classroom."

Concordia is hosting a progressive silent auction through April 12 with a final campaign celebration April 23 from 12–2 p.m. at its Austin campus.