Extensive survey sheds light on roads in need of renovation

Last year work crews completed improvements to John McCain Road, Pleasant Run Road and Cheek Sparger Road as part of the City of Colleyville's street rehabilitation project.

In December 2011, Colleyville completed a survey to determine the condition of public streets throughout the city. The city did not rely on visual inspection for the study, but rather technology.

Applied Research Associates assessed pavement conditions on city streets using laser cameras that captured digital photos of roads, signs and utility poles. The information will be used in the analysis of road conditions. Every street segment will be ranked on a scale from 0 to 100. Next month, the council plans to discuss possible summer road projects.

"The analysis will be used to plan future roadway improvement projects and to enhance the efficiency of our road repairs and maintenance projects," City Manager Jennifer Fadden said.

The city allocates $1 million of its budget every year to road repair and resurfacing.