Conroe’s second Shipley Do-Nuts location sets sights on a June opening

Shipley Do-Nuts will open its second Conroe location in early June at 518 E. Davis St., Shipley Do-Nuts Franchise Consultant Jack Hall said. The shop will feature glazed and filled doughnuts, pastries, kolaches and coffee.

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  1. I don’t think they chose the best place to put it. While it’s not horrible, it’s far enough from the freeway that it may effect business. I think they would have been better off putting it by the new Kroger at the South loop.

  2. Mark Zuckerman

    I think this is great location since many people head to work and pass through here, it also replaces that old auto place that made the area look bad.

  3. I think you picked a wonderful location….it’s not too far away from my home, which makes it convenient to get to. That location will definitely flourish from that reason alone.

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