Longtime Plano-based bicycle store announces closure

Plano Cycling & Fitness announced Nov. 15 it will close its storefront at 605 18th St., Plano. The decades-old cycling store also sells bicycle accessories, including helmets and tires, and offers bicycle maintenance services. The shop said it will remain open until it sells out of its current inventory. 972-423-4130. www.planocycling.com

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  1. Timothy Williams

    This place has been ridiculously over priced since Schwinn was still made in the USA. It’s a wonder they lasted this long. I’ve been going to “the bike shop” down on Arapaho near Jupiter for going on 20 years now. Fair price and great service. I get no kickbacks from them for this, I just like their shop.

  2. The two previous comment are idiodic. Niether one of you have any idea as to why they are going out of business. They obviously new what they were doing, the lasted 45 years. Their prices were no higher or lower than any of the competing local shops.

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