ATX Vodka set to relocate within Pflugerville

ATX Vodka, which has been distilling in Pflugerville since 2016, will move its operation to a new location at 4701 Priem Lane, Pflugerville, in the coming weeks.

Owner and distiller Rob Sangiovanni said the company will have to go through the permitting process again but should be up and running within “a couple of months.”

“It’s a little harder than moving and just opening the door with alcohol,” Sangiovanni said.

ATX Vodka is a family-owned distillery that sells its liquor in stores statewide. In the Austin-area, customers can find ATX Vodka at Spec’s, Total Wine & More, Twin Liquors and individual liquor stores. The distillery also occasionally holds tastings at its Pflugerville location.

The distillery makes vodka from family recipes that were passed down to Sangiovanni, including Prohibition-era distilling and traditional Italian orange liqueurs.

“It’s a Sicilian-style vodka made in Texas, but it is a very refined product,” Sangiovanni said.

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