Disney store coming to Target in Lakeline Mall area

The Target at 10900 Lakeline Mall Drive—just across the street from Lakeline Mall—will be one of 25 Target stores nationwide to get a Disney store in October.

According to a Target press release, the Disney store at Target will be a “shop-in-shop location” featuring more than 450 items. More than 100 of those products were previously only available at other Disney stores. Products will cost between $2 and $200, with “many items” costing less than $20, the release said.

Target customer perks, such as same-day pickup and free two-day shipping, will also be available in the Disney store, according to the release. 512-651-3376. target.com/disneystore

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  1. Why do y’all keep saying “across the street from Lakeline Mall”? I hear Bama Brown say it when talking about his “Good Feet Store”, which is in the same strip mall/parking lot…and now y’all say it in this article. It’s literally 1/2 a mile or so from the mall, on the other side of 183. Quit having all of these folks roaming around the mall looking for a Super Target that doesn’t exist there. : )

    With that out of the way, first they have Joanna Gaines infiltrate the local Target with her overpriced items not suited for that type of market, now more space is going to be taken up by Disney? As someone who frequents that store for household and grocery items, this is a waste of space. Make more room for a better selection of groceries. Target’s trying to do too much. We already have a mall DOWN THE STREET with these items. Doesn’t need to be in the Target too.

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