Concordia University launches esports program for Overwatch, League of Legends

Concordia University announced Jan. 17 that it will add the first varsity esports program of its kind in Central Texas this fall.

Esports consists of games such as Overwatch (a first-person shooting game with supporting players) and League of Legends (a multi-player online battle arena with five players) requiring strategic thinking skills and role responsibility, a news release said.

“By undertaking this new level of professionalism in gaming and competing at the collegiate level, students gain skills in cooperation, coordination, and communication much like in traditional team sports,” the release said, adding Houston and Dallas have professional, paid esports teams, complete with arena facilities and cheering fans.

The University announced open recruitment of student gamers, and new applicants may qualify for a combination of merit-based and esports scholarships. Prospective students can find more information here.

Concordia University is located at 11400 Concordia University Drive, Austin. 512-313-3000.

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