At its Sept. 16 meeting, Fulshear City Council approved a new contract with Waste Corporation of America—the city’s current waste and recycling provider—to implement new rates and any potential offset costs.

Service to the city of Fulshear will not change. WCA will continue to provide once-per-week solid waste service, once-per-week bulk service and once-per-week recycle service, Houston Municipal Sales Manager Trevor Royal said.

Under the new contract, a single residential family home will pay $15.52 per month: $10.61 for solid waste collection once per week and $4.91 for recycling and bulk collection.

The waste disposal company performed a recycle audit in July, and a total of 262 lbs. was broken out, or recycled improperly: 22.8 lbs. of glass; 17.3 lbs. with residue or contamination; 23.4 lbs. made non-recoverable by residue; and 31.1 lbs. of plastic bags with residue.

WCA has recommended working together with Fulshear on an education campaign. As the amount of improperly recycled materialodecreases, everyone in the city will benefit, and the residents of Fulshear will know they’re actually recycling the proper way, Royal said.

Royal presented the concept of a recycling flyer guide to inform residents how to properly dispose of their trash, which would provide a detailed list of acceptable items to recycle and items that cannot be recycled. Guidelines could include:

  • There is no need to bag items

  • Wash or rinse all containers.

  • Do not crush or flatten containers.

  • No pizza boxes

  • No glass containers.

City staff will work closely with WCA—which owns a disposal facility 33 miles from Fulshear, a recycle facility 31 miles from Fulshear and a bulk facility for oversized items about 33 miles from Fulshear—to find ways to keep residents informed.