Harris County precincts 3 and 4 are working on a joint project to improve Cypress Rosehill Road between Seidel Cemetery Road and about 1,500 feet north of FM 2920. Precinct 4 is responsible for improvements made north of FM 2920.

The planned improvements include extending Cypress Rosehill as a four-lane concrete boulevard across FM 2920 and transitioning it into Decker Prairie-Rosehill Road. The extension will include a west connection to Waller-Tomball Road.

Precinct 4 is funding $1.3 million of the project cost, while Precinct 3 is funding $2.6 million of the cost as the majority of the project is within Precinct 3’s jurisdiction, according to Amery Reid, director of communications for Precinct 3. The project began in March and is expected to be complete in May 2022.

Underground drainage has been completed, and the northbound lanes south of FM 2920 have been paved, Reid said.