Matthew Brantner and Billy Schiel will open Honor Society Coffee Co. this fall in September or October, the business owners said. The coffee shop will be located at 105 Houston St., Tomball, and offer a small food menu, indoor and outdoor space, bagged coffee and merchandise in addition to a drink menu.

"We're just super pumped to bring good quality products, a really great vibe and a really great place for people to hang out," Brantner said.

The owners previously had planned to open Common Grounds Tomball, an expansion of the Waco-based coffee shop, they said.

Schiel said he began roasting coffee in 2013 and setting up at the Tomball Farmers Market with Righteous Bros. Coffee; he then moved his coffee roasting operations into District Roasters, he said, which sells at the farmers market.

In 2021, Schiel said he began Honor Society Coffee Co. online alongside his sons while stuck at home during the pandemic.

"It's based on we want to honor others above ourselves, and we want to share that in the craft of coffee and honor that legacy and that history of celebrating good coffee and roasting it well as well as the craft of preparing it," Schiel said. "It just kind of enveloped over into Matt and I deciding we were going to do a coffee shop if the right spot came open."

The duo said they hope to offer events at the shop, such as markets and music, and eventually offer evening hours. They also plan to partner with other local small businesses to offer food products, such as baked goods and smoked meats, on the menu.

"We've got great neighbors over here [on Houston Street]," Schiel said. "We're on a really cool street, so there's a lot of synergy already, so we anticipate being able to level up with some of these people and really make this kind of the place for happening things over in Tomball."