Common Grounds will open its first location outside of Waco by early 2018 at 401 Commerce St., Tomball, owner and founder Jill Barrett said.

"I've always wanted to expand [Common Grounds]," she said. "It's kind of the third place. If you're not at home or you're not at work, in our community in Waco, you're going to be at Common Grounds."

Common Grounds Tomball will offer an outdoor live music venue, an on-site coffee bean roasting facility, food trucks and coffee tastings in addition to the main coffee house. The coffee menu will feature national and local roasters, and other beverage options will include coffee-style nonalcoholic cocktails, wine and locally brewed beer. Sweet and savory food items like locally baked pastries will also be available.

Co-owner and general manager Matt Brantner and co-owner Billy Schiel are working with Barrett on the Tomball location.

Barrett said the business focuses on providing quality coffee and live music.

"Music has always been a really big part of Common Grounds, and it's another way of gathering people," she said. "It's kind of a day and night type of place."

The Tomball site, which includes a small house, a detached barn and a backyard, will offer live music from nationally touring bands as well as local artists, Barrett said.

"We feel like Tomball is a great community for us because it's a growing community and it appreciates new business," she said. "We love the other business people who are there. There's just a lot of things happening that are really exciting to be a part of, and I think we're just going to fit right on in."

Barrett said she opened the first location of Common Grounds in January 1995 as a community gathering place near Baylor University in Waco. Common Grounds also has a small location at the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco and another Waco location under construction.

"We're a very family friendly place but also a date night place and a get-your-work-done-on-your-laptop-during-the-day type place,"Barrett said. "There's a place for everybody. The heart and soul of Common Grounds is that everybody feels comfortable there."

Common Grounds Tomball
401 Commerce St., Tomball