During its Nov. 6 meeting, Tomball City Council approved, on first reading, two ordinances that will:

  • Raise the water and wastewater fees to the maximum allowable fee.
  • Institute an impact fee for new irrigation meters.

In a nutshell

An impact fee is a one-time charge collected from new development to pay for a portion of the costs related to specific capital improvements, according to a Oct. 16 presentation by Freese and Nichols, an engineering, planning and consulting firm.

The maximum allowable impact fees for water and wastewater fees will start at $6,618 and $8,069, respectively, according to the Nov. 6 agenda packet.

How we got here

During council’s Oct. 16 meeting, city staff requested direction from council regarding impact fees—if they would like them adopted at the maximum allowable or to be incrementally increased as they have in the past, Tomball Project Manager Meagan Mageo said at the Oct. 16 meeting.

Council recommended raising impact fees to the maximum allowable rate, which mirrored the recommendation from the Capital Improvement Plan Advisory Committee, according to the Oct. 16 agenda packet.

Other council actions

At its Nov. 6 meeting, City Council also appointed a focus group for the city’s comprehensive plan update. A survey related to the comprehensive plan launched last week.

Stay tuned

A second and final reading of the ordinances should take place at council’s next meeting Nov. 20.

View the Nov. 6 agenda packet below.