Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 10, which serves the Greater Magnolia area, purchased two more properties that will serve as the sites for new fire stations, according to an Oct. 26 news release.

This is the second set of property purchases ESD 10 has made this year, as the emergency services district purchased two other properties back in June, according to prior reporting.

In a nutshell

According to the press release, the new properties include:

  • 18600 Patricia Lane: over 5 acres purchased for $830,000
  • 15500 Coe Loop: nearly 32 acres purchased for $2.5 million

Plans and designs for the properties are underway, with construction timelines not set, according to the press release. Not all of the 32 acres of the Coe Loop property will be developed.

Zooming out

ESD 10 provides firefighting services to around 140,000 residents within 165 square miles in Magnolia, according to the news release. The district became the direct provider of services after a transition from contracting with the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department in January 2022.

What else?

Amid the property purchases, ESD 10 has added dozens of new firefighters since last April, Community Impact previously reported.

The district is also working to rebuild and remodel Station Nos. 182, 183 and 186 on top of building a maintenance and logistics facility in Pinehurst, Community Impact previously reported.

Quote of note

“These purchases demonstrate that ESD 10 commissioners and Magnolia Fire Department command staff are strategically investing in emergency response for the future. This investment directly helps us execute our mission to save lives and protect property,” ESD 10 board President Larry Smith said via news release. “At the same time, we are investing in our emergency responders by providing more efficient and safer fire stations from which to respond to emergencies.”

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