During its Feb. 6 meeting, the Tomball City Council unanimously voted to approve the creation of a focus group for the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan.

The Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan is underway after City Council approved a professional services agreement with Four and One LLC, which is developing the plan, during its Dec. 19 meeting.

The master plan will include a site analysis of the city’s existing facilities, community engagement to determine residents’ wants and needs, a five-year action plan and a 10-year horizon plan, Community Impact previously reported.

“What this focus group will help us do is really make sure that when we do have our public meetings that we’re really double-checking and fact-checking and getting our word out there,” Public Works Director Drew Huffman said during the meeting.

The focus group will be made up of community members, business owners and volunteers. City staff recommended people such as Tomball Farmers Market’s Amanda Kelly, Tomball Little League President Jeanne Foster and business owner Teresa Latsis.

“We can get the word out there that the master plan is going on,” Huffman said. “And we can get as much information back from either surveys or emails or phone calls on what our public residents would like to see for our updates to our parks and/or new parks and trails.”

Huffman said the focus group will be open to anyone interested in joining.