Tomball's Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan is underway after City Council approved a professional services agreement with Four and One LLC during its Dec. 19 meeting.

Through the agreement, the city will pay Four and One $149,600 to develop the master plan, which will include a site analysis of the city’s existing facilities, community engagement to determine residents’ wants and needs, a five-year action plan and a 10-year horizon plan, according to the Dec. 19 meeting packet.

In the site analysis portion of Four and One’s work, the company will visit Tomball’s facilities multiple times, take photos, collect maps and data, and research the surrounding areas. The maps and images collected will be used for community engagement meetings, according to the agenda packet.

In terms of community engagement, focus group meetings will be held with local entities such as the Tomball Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. There will also be public workshops for community members to attend and share their thoughts, according to the agenda packet.

When it comes to actually developing the master plan, Four and One will create a master plan that includes proposed improvements to parks, recreation options and trails with options for exemption and new development, according to the agenda packet. The plan will also include a five-year action plan and a 10-year horizon plan as well as feedback from the community on their wants and needs.

After the master plan is completed, Four and One will present it to City Council, according to the agenda packet.