Following the passage of Magnolia ISD’s Proposition A on the Nov. 8 ballot, the district anticipates beginning projects in 2023. The bond allocates money for projects such as additional schools, renovations and new buses.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations Erich Morris said the first step is to sell the bonds, which he said is expected within the last week of January. Morris said the district is cautiously moving forward on projects before bonds have been sold.

“It is accurate to say everything will be complete within three years,” Morris said in a Dec. 15 interview.

Morris also said the district is moving forward on behind-the-scenes tasks, such as surveys, contractors and architects related to the projects.

Morris said shipping and material concerns have caused the district to move forward as quickly as possible by taking steps such as ordering new buses by February, anticipating there will be a shipment delay.

“We have to move forward immediately or as quickly as we can on many items that are technologically related,” Morris said.

Ultimately, the district intends to move forward on all bond-funded projects in 2023, Morris said. The three new schools—which were the primary drivers for the need of a bond, according to Morris—will take priority with Audubon Elementary beginning construction in February. It is expected to be complete for the 2024-25 school year.

Morris said the district is also moving forward with the planning phases for the intermediate and high schools, but timelines are more flexible as the schools do not need to be completed until the 2025-26 school year.