Officials: Investigation of Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley warranted no action by Montgomery County Grand Jury


The public integrity division of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office announced Feb. 14 in a news release no action was taken by a Montgomery County Grand Jury in regard to a November 2018 investigation of Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley.

According to the release, the public integrity division received complaints in November regarding alleged misuse of county resources by Riley and other Precinct 2 employees. This followed complaints in August 2017 of the same matter.

The public integrity division launched an investigation into the alleged misconduct in August 2017, completing the investigation in April 2018 after presenting to a Montgomery County Grand Jury, which found no criminal charges, according to the release.

As complaints were received again last November, the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office began an investigation of the alleged misconduct and provided information to the division for review. According to the release, the public integrity division then conducted witness interviews and gathered additional evidence to determine whether criminal conduct had occurred.

As a result of the November investigation, a Montgomery County Grand Jury heard the information gathered by both Precinct 5 and the public integrity division, but issued no indictments and took no additional action, according to the Feb. 14 release.

A grand jury may decide to take no action if the evidence is not found to rise to the level of probable cause, certain defenses to criminal conduct are applicable in the situation or if the statute of limitations prevents the investigation from moving forward.

Riley was first elected Precinct 2 commissioner in 2014 and was re-elected in November.

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