Journey Justeen’s Boutique has closed its storefront along North Eldridge Parkway in Tomball, choosing to scale back to online-only, owner Amber Latu confirmed Jan. 3. Latu said needing time for her personal life, finding employees and the economy contributed to that decision.

“It was really hard for people to come spend money on really anything,” Latu said. “I feel like people were just trying to pay bills, and no one really has extra money to go splurge on boutique stuff.”

The boutique, which sells clothing and accessories for babies, preteens, boys and girls, is still open in an online-only capacity, Latu said.

“It’s good because I can keep my costs down since I don’t have a huge overhead anymore,” Latu said. “Honestly, I’m able to give more to my business because I’m not as stressed and overwhelmed and kind of all over the place.”