Following discussion with residents and officials in The Woodlands, the Texas Department of Transportation revised the scope of a planned project to widen a portion of Hwy. 242.

As originally proposed, the project would have added two lanes to Hwy. 242 from FM 1488 to I-45 as well as reducing the median by 20 feet and including 10-foot outside shoulders and 4-foot inside shoulders, according to TxDOT. The plan also included three detention basins that required 21.2 acres of right of way, according to the original proposal.

According to Public Information Officer Emily Black, revisions to the design include removing a 10-foot shared-use path along the north right of way of Hwy. 242, a portion of a proposed pavement widening along the center median aside from pavement widening needed for additional left-turn lane storage and a third lane from FM 1488 to Gosling Road.

In addition, the existing 10-foot shoulder from FM 1488 to Gosling will be increased to a 12-foot shoulder in the revised plan, according to TxDOT.

The plan also includes adding curb and gutter with drainage along the inside and outside pavement edges from FM 1488 to I-45.

However, the center median will not be raised. A new curb and gutter will outline the median, which will maintain its existing drainage outlet points, according to TxDOT.

The scope of the plan also includes adding a new right-turn lane for the eastbound Hwy. 242 approach to I-45.

It also extends a designated left-turn lane for the eastbound Hwy. 242 approach to I-45, according to TxDOT.

Black said revisions also include adjusting the existing crossover left-turn storage lane to avoid a conflict with the other left-turn extension, which serves as an entrance to a number of restaurants on the northwest corner at I-45.

The revised project includes adding lighting for the roadway limits between St. Luke's Way and I-45, she said.

Finally, it includes adding a dual left-turn lane to the Lone Star College West Campus Drive for a new main entrance.

Additional revisions may be included before the plan is finalized, according to TxDOT.