March homes sales in The Woodlands area saw median prices increase by as much as 25% in the 77382 ZIP code, where the median price was $871,000, but most homes sold in the month across the region fell into the category of $300,000 to $599,999, according to information provided by Christine Hale of the Christine Hale Realty Group.

The number of homes sold increased in March compared to March 2023, and one ZIP code saw the same number of homes sold each year.
The median price of homes sold in March decreased in three ZIP codes, with the largest decrease of 18.7% occurring in 77384.
The number of days homes spent on the market dropped in three out of seven The Woodlands-area ZIP codes in March, with the steepest decrease occurring in the 77385 ZIP code where it dropped 49.3%.
Most homes sold in March were between $300,000 and $599,999, keeping with trends in previous months, but the second-highest sale price trended lower, below $299,999, compared to trends in recent months.